Drumtrainer Berlin

Certificate of Higher Education

“Professional Drummer”

Drumtrainer is based on a unique educational system crafted over years by our hand-picked group of trainers, who are also professional drummers. Our course to become a professional drummer is devoted to helping young players find their unique rhythmic ‘voice’ and developing their passion into a career.

After successful completion of all examinations, Drumtrainer Berlin and the “Institut für Weiterbildung in der Kreativwirtschaft” (IWK) award a certificate with a transcript of records in collaboration with the SRH Hochschule der populären Künste. The certificates are evaluated with Credit Points, the standardized “academic currency”. This is the prerequisite for recognition at some universities or in other contexts of lifelong learning.

Real teachers from the real world

One of the greatest qualities of Drumtrainer Berlin is the community aspect. All trainers are established in the music business and networked extensively. The trainers come from many different countries and are active and successful in different scenes. With our team we can offer a wide range of music styles and directions and thus a panoramic view of drum applications of our time. In this environment, further connections are often established between students and between students and lecturers.

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part-time in 12 or 24 months

As a student, your program unfolds over a period of 12 or 24 intensive months of focused “grind.” You will be immersed in a mix of contemporary and modern drumming exercises as well as thorough study of a who’s who in drum history. The course will enable you to stand your ground in the music industry and be bang up-to-date on the latest trends.

To enable all drummers to participate, we offer two different timetables. Regular lessons take place every week (12 months). For drummers who come from far away there is also a block model on weekends (24 months). Both variants cover the same teaching content and make it possible to play gigs, work or study parallel to the lessons. It is a part-time course of study, a part-time continuing education in cooperation with the Institut für Weiterbildung in der Kreativwirtschaft (IWK) at the SRH Hochschule der Populären Künste (University of Popular Arts).

regular timetable: Profi-Training (PT)

The training lasts one year (two semesters) and is divided internally into four quarters with six to eight teaching units. As a rule, classes are spread over two to three days. The lessons last 30 to 90 minutes. Digital teaching materials and video courses are provided on Drumtrainer.Online as a supplement to regular lessons. It makes sense to live in or near Berlin during this year. The next commencement is in October 2020.

Block timetable: weekend Pro-Training (PTW)

The professional training on weekends (24 months) has the same contents and credit points as the professional training (12 months). However, the lessons are taught in a block schedule. Classes take place every two months on an intensive weekend. Digital teaching materials and video courses are provided on Drumtrainer.Online as a supplement to regular lessons. The lessons are arranged so that, as a rule, arrival is possible on Saturday and departure on Sunday (approx. Saturday from 10:30 – 21:30 and Sunday from 09:00 – 17:45). So it is not necessary to live in Berlin. The next commencement is in January 2021.


Costs for EU citizens:
Total costs Pro-Training / Weekend-Pro-Training: 5.540,- €

Pro-Training (12 months): 395,- € per month
Weekend-Pro-Training (12 weekends): 395,- Euro per weekend

In addition there is a €800 fee for learning materials,
assessment & external certification fees.

Costs for non-EU citizens:
Total Pro-Training / Weekend-Pro-Training: 6.040,- €

Pro-Training (12 month): 395,- € per months
Weekend-Pro-Training (12 Weekends): 395,- Euro per months

In addition there is a €800 fee for learning materials,
assessment & external certification fees.

In addition there is a €500 fee for additional administration work or help with visa processing requirements.

All courses take place with a minimum of 5 participants.


Berlin is one of the most affordable music metropolises in the world and offers one of the most interesting combinations of culture and hustle and bustle. This unique place is the perfect place to start a career in music. Here are a few selected tips from our neighborhood, you’ll find us in the heart of Kreuzberg.


Depending on the nationalities per class, lessons will be taught in either German or English. Currently, most of our courses are very internationally attended.

Admission Criteria

An entrance examination must be taken. The exam tests styles (e.g. rock, pop ballad, swing) and grades (e.g. Ted Reed). We recommend all drummers to take part in the free and non-binding test training after making an appointment with us. Here we can best discuss your level of proficiency and your goals. If you can’t come to Berlin, we can arrange a Skype foreplay or you can send us songs as videos by e-mail.

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