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Certificate of Higher Education "Professional Drummer"

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The curriculum for the "Professional drummer" course includes classical drum lessons as well as work on percussion instruments, studio and band training, drums & electronics, marching drums and tuning workshops. To obtain the Certificate of Higher Education, additional courses in music theory and aural training are required. These subjects are part of the regular timetable. In addition, there are changing coaching offers, e.g. on self-marketing and freelance work. Get an overview of our trainers here. The personal specialist lessons in Berlin are comprehensively supplemented by over 80 digital tutorials by drum legends such as JR Robinson (Michael Jackson), Marc Schulman (Pink), Stanton Moore, Keith Carlock (John Mayor, Steely Dan) and Mark Guiliana (David Bowie). The entire content of Drumtrainer.Online can also be used to repeat the teaching content in self-study.

Certificate of Higher Education "Musikdidaktik"

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The course "Musikdidaktik" covers theory & practice phases as well as internships. Courses are offered in pedagogy, developmental psychology, educational science and teaching. Percussion workshops are also held to expand the methodological knowledge base. The further education serves the vocational preparation for the practice as a teacher at music schools and schools as well as further various vocational fields, like for example out-of-school youth education, adult education, culture or medium work. Through the systematic examination of artistic, scientific and pedagogical contents and methods for teaching drums, percussion and elementary music pedagogy, students are enabled to perceive artistic and social developments and to help shape them. In addition, the programme is intended to contribute to the development of the students' personality and social skills. This course is held in German only.